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about me


I’ve written blogs and articles at various times in career. I’ve found they help when I am trying to solidify my learning and share that with others.

My background is in Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business and the new kid on the block, Teams. I was a part of Microsoft Consulting Services in the UK/Europe for a number of years and got to work with some great people and really interesting organisations. I am now focusing on Workstream Collaboration platforms by working for the Open Source chat platform Mattermost, with some more great people.

I’ll be sharing content on my learning journey as I transition from the Microsoft world into the Open Source universe, and sharing some insight into Mattermost as a platform.

You can also catch me on Twitter @johnthompson365 if you can put up with the Wolves updates.

Thanks for reading.

Standard disclaimer: These are my thoughts and ideas and not my employers.