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Ansible and Windows a match made in…

…Windows Subsystem for Linux Heaven?

My creative colleague Christian Johannsen has developed an amazing script to deploy a demo environment of Mattermost with two of our DevOps integrations the Jira and Jenkins plugin. He hopes to open source the repo at some point.

It uses terraform to deploy the environment in AWS, bash and python scripts to configure the services and an Ansible playbook for the Jenkins install.

Christian created the instructions to run all the scripts but these were for Mac. I’m a rare breed at Mattermost as I am a Windows user so I had to go through the environment setup myself and modify it for Windows.

I was aiming to run this all natively in Windows or at least in Git Bash but got beaten in the end by Ansible. As they point out Ansible cannot run on a Windows host natively, though it can run under the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). They then go on to say that they do not support the WSL and it shouldn’t be used in production.

Installing WSL on Windows 10
Installing Ansible on WSL

I raised  a query on the Ansible Google forum and a helpful Redhat engineer stated that there are also no plans to support this natively on Windows. “It will work but in the odd case it doesn’t you won’t get any help from GitHub unless you can replicate it on an actual Linux platform.”

So it looks like Windows is an outlier in the Ansible world. Just like me and my Surface Laptop at Mattermost!

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